Voting Members of the Faculty of Medicine

    a)  The Dean (Chair)

      b)  The President or nominee

        c)  The Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

          d)  The Librarian

            e)  All full-time Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Instructors and Lecturers

            f)  Such other members of the teaching or administrative staffs of the Faculty or University as the Faculty shall appoint in conformity with rules determined by the Faculty and approved by the Senate:

                    I.   Part-time, Clinical and Affiliate, and Partner Faculty Members at the ranks of Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor

                   II.   Representatives from other Faculties:

                               -  Science (3)

                               -  Dentistry (The Dean)

                               -  Arts (1)

                               -  Pharmaceutical Sciences (1)

                               -  College of Health Disciplines (the Principal)

                  III.  All senior administrative appointments with the Faculty of Medicine, including those with their professorship outside fo the Faculty of Medicine. Senior Administrative appointments will include:

                             - Assistant Deans, Associate Deans, Regional Associate Deans, Executive Associate Deans

                             - Department Heads and School Directors

                             - Centre Directors and Institute Directors

            g)    Student Representatives with voting privileges:

                             - 16 undergraduate medical students

                             - 16 residents

                             - 12 graduate students

                             - 2 Physical Therapy students

                             - 2 Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy students

                             - 2 Audiology and Speech Sciences students

                             - 1 Bachelor of Midwifery student

                             - 1 Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science student

            Individuals without voting privileges

            a)    Emeritus Faculty

            b)    Honorary and Visiting Teaching Staff

            c)    Clinical, Affiliate, and Part-time Instructors

            d)    Adjunct Faculty appointees

            e)    Consultants, Teaching Fellows, Fellows, Research Associates, and miscellaneous Board appointments within the Faculty of Medicine

            Approved by the Faculty of Medicine at the Full Faculty meeting on November 26, 2013
            Approved by the Vancouver Senate on December 18, 2013